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nikkimattei [userpic]

Title: Seiko vs Horikoshi: Hidden Love

Characters: Ryo Nishikdo, Aya Ueto,girl!Tatsuya Ueda, Koki Tanaka, girl!Yuichi Nakamura, Junno Taguchi, girl!Kazuya Kamenishi and Jin Akanishi

Warnings: Genderswitch! (You have been warned)

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama. High School

There are many love triangles and love squares in this teenage drama: Ryo x Aya, Ryo x Tatsuya, Tatsuya x Junno, Koki x Yuichi, Koki x Kazuya (friendship) Jin x Kazuya

The male characters all attended (or once attended) the all boys High School: Horikoshi High School

The female characters all attend the all girls High School: Seiko High School

Chapter: 1/2/3/4/5/6 [UPDATED 7/4/2014]/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/40

haruna_io [userpic]

Hello Everyone!

I'm selling my whole KAT-TUN collection.

It consists of:

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If you're interested PM me or mail me at ( haruna2704@gmail.com ) and I can also upload pictures of the merchandise.

Everything is in great conditions! ^^

x_xshinx_x [userpic]

Hihi! Here to share a manip of Tanakamaru! Spread the love! Sorry not the best!
Click image to view! :D

Comments are LOVED! ;)

SORRY don't know how to tag this...

ikerasu_0305 [userpic]

Title: Our Song
Author: ikerasu_0305
Pairing: TaNakaMaru
Genre: Crack, Fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Owns notheeengggg~ lol
Summary: Yuichi trying to find out what is wrong. (lol. k, lame summary is lame.)

freysan [userpic]

Title: Oh, The Woes of Being In Love
Pairing: KokiMaru
Genre: not sure if fluff
Chapter: just a short fic...
Summary: Nakamaru Yuichi's thoughts on being in love.
Note: I miss LJ... This is the first, and hopefully not the last, post I'm making after a long time. So forgive me if the story's not that good. I forgot how to write fics already. *sulks in a corner*

"And there it is again, the butterflies in his stomach and the tingling sensation on his heart. "

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上田口の愛。。。kat-tun愛 [userpic]

hello minna-san!~ i wanted to share a JunDa doujin that i made ^^ though it's mostly JunDa, i did add a one page TaNaka, so please do check it out XD!~

Title: Entangle –Extra-
Author/Artist: snow_guardian
Pairing: JunDa and small!TaNaka
Genre: Doujinshi, FLUFF
Rating: PG
A.N: This was meant for Valentine, but unfortunately I’m super late, and it really have nothing to do with Valentine, LOL!!
WARNING: kissing and horrible inking XD I had to ink by hands again! ALSO AU! PLEASE REFER TO NOTE FOR THE BACKGROUND STORY!

Total of 7 pages


photo PV.jpg

or click HERE

上田口の愛。。。kat-tun愛 [userpic]

Hello minna-san!!~
i'm sooo sorry i've been missing from the TaNaka fandom T^T!! but i'll try my best to equal the love!!~
anyways, i made a TaNaka manip base on their newest photoshoot of Wink Up!!~
please check it out here @ my LJ

or click image:

...uh, i'm not sure if it's an fanart or wallpaper, please correct me if i'm wrong ^^;

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Aoi [userpic]

Title: What Only the Heart Can See
Pairing: TaNaka (one-sided JunRu, JunDa and now - Akame!)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: NC 17 (for smut and violence)
Disclaimer: I only own the plot.
Summary: Nakamaru had always dreamed of finding love that he can cherish and when a man named Tanaka Koki came to his life, he believed that forever has begun with the love that they share. Until a tragedy happens and teaches both of them that love is not simply made of fun and happiness, it also comes with pain and sacrifice.
Author’s notes: SURPRIIIISE!!! I'm still alive and after a veeeeeeery long unexplained hiatus... I have finally updated this fic. I hope you still remember it~

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haruna_io [userpic]

It's been soooooo long ne! Well with some of you not very long, and you 3 I damn miss you!! T__T
Jya... To celebrate our lovely mommy's birthday I wrote something for you. Fufufufu you already know the rating when I'm the author...
Here it comes!

永遠に私のもの - Eternally mine

Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff, Smut, Crack, AU
Pairing: TaNaka
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Two souls in love with each other, they couldn't collide in the past. Overcome jealousy and heal the one you hurt.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, only the plot. Pure fictional.
aoi_tenshi05kindly beta-ed the fic! Arigatou sis! 

Chotto, chotto! I still have something for you~~
After flying back to Italy I was just too tired to study XD So... Here some icons with our lovely dork couple! :P


Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.
Icons by their own makers.

Credit if using, feel free to take them. 

Textures credits 
Scans credits 
(if I'm not wrong)

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上田口の愛。。。kat-tun愛 [userpic]

Because it's Maru's birthday, i decide to scanlate two TaNaka doujin that i own, i hope you enjoy them XD!!~<3

title: Okishii Kyoudai (Oxy Brothers)
language: English/Japanese
artist/writer:*K*A*N* (?) (i'm not sure)
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
genre: comedy, romance,
pairings featured: Akame and TaNakaMaru~
rating: PG-13 (because of mentions)
any other notes: I don't promise that it'll be accurate because i'm not good with conversational japanese. More Akame than TanakaMaru but they're always there XD lol!~ and the ending is just perfect!!~ENJOY!! SPREAD THE Akame and TANAKAMARU RABU!!~ FYI: the RAW include the manga/fanfics/author notes, while the scanlated one only have the manga and untranslated author notes total of only 14 pages ~

[Sneak Peak]

title: Honey Honey Baby ~May I love you so much~
language: English
artist/writer: nitoro@hasegawa
band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
scanned/scanlated by: snow_guardian
genre: fluff, romance and small comedy
pairings featured: TaNakaMaru and small, SMALL ninja Akame~
rating: R (because of a small scene)
any other notes: AGAIN! may not be accurate ALSO~ there's two bubble that i couldn't translate no matter how much i researched T^T AH! and uke!Koki/seme!Maru, BUT! don't let that let that stop you from reading because this is about 38 pages of sweetness!! SERIOUSLY! this got to be one of my favorite doujin!!

[Sneak Peak]


(sorry, i'm not sure how to tag this ^^;)

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