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tanakamaru_love's Journal

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TaNakamaru focuses on Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi rabu rabu moments
Rules and Regulations:

1. This community shall be exclusive for TaNakamaru pairing only.

2. Do not bash on the pair as well as the members of this community.

3. No F-locked posts are allowed except for downloadables.

4. Posting of fanfics are allowed in in this community.

5. Posting of intro post are also allowed as long as it includes something about TaNakamaru.

6. Use the right tags for your posts.

7. Using of the default font and size is highly encouraged.

8. Use proper LJ-cut especially for videos, high quality pictures. You may just make a preview out of it.

9. A proper LJ-cut for the content of the fics is a must or you may direct your fic to your journal by putting the link properly.

9. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

10. All fanworks (graphics, fanart, fanfics, etc) must be TaNakamaru related or either of them are allowed.

11. Indicate what your post is about in the title. Whether it is a fanfic, graphics, reports, translation, etc.

12. If your fanfic is a het!fic, include a warning about it.

*A warning will be sent when a rule is broken. If your post has not been edited, it will be deleted.